Saturday, December 10, 2011

Event Resources

One of the things I want to do over the next year is spend a bit of time introducing the different staff departments and what they do.  Some of them you are likely to be familiar with, and some of them you may not be.  I can recall when I first started attending Pennsic, these were just names in the back of the site book to me.  My hope is that you’ll all recognize how important these folks are to making Pennsic successful and appreciate the hard work they do.

Spotlight on . . . Event Resources

Event resources is made up of several departments that ensure the event runs smoothly and that the people attending, (this means You), are safe.

Troll is responsible for managing everyone’s entry to the event.  They make sure we have correct contact information, proper registration status, vehicle tags, and a copy of the all important site book containing the rules for the event.  This department works very closely with the Cooper’s Lake staff who are responsible for collecting the event registration fees.  One item I often hear bandied about is that our staff don’t pay registration fee’s or we get some sort of payment for all this work…it’s  not true.  Every member of staff Troll’s in just like every other attendee and pays registration fees the same as every other attendee.

First Aid coordinates the operation of First Aid point.  These are the chirurgeons and volunteers that assist our EMS contractor in medical care at First Aid point, on the field during battles, and in your camp in the event of an injury that requires a paramedic response.  These are the people that keep us all healthy during our stay at Pennsic whether you fight, dance, or just attend for the fresh air and friendship.

Disability Services ensures that those attendees with disabilities receive some extra attention to ensure they enjoy the event as much as the rest of us.  Things from providing charging stations for battery powered medical and mobility equipment, to coordinating additional transportation services for anyone who has trouble using the bus service to get around the event and managing trained disability animals on the site per the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules.

Youth Services provides an outlet for young children to be creative on site and parents with an opportunity to perform activities with their kids and others at the event.  It’s important to note that Youth point is a place to go with your child to play and participate in activities with other children, NOT a babysitting service.

Heralds are providing that same service you've come to expect from the SCA Heralds but live an in person.  How much more convenient is it to be able to discuss your submission and get some live help with research and avoiding the ‘bring me a rock’ syndrome we sometimes experience?

All these departments are also opportunities to volunteer at the event and you don’t need any special certifications.  Spend a few hours at Troll, they will be happy to show you how to help someone through the registration process, especially during busy times.  Volunteer at First Aid point, you can assist in admittance or just odd jobs to keep the point running.  Disability can use help early on in setting up tents or camp.  Spend a few hours working with youth point personnel on children’s activities.

These people do a lot to directly contribute to Pennsic’s success, and their main compensation for this is your thanks and appreciation.


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