Friday, March 2, 2012

The Rules . . .

This year we are posting the site rules early and on the website . . .

I think this will give folks a chance to digest them, and maybe some people a chance to actually read them.  Let's face it, the last thing a lot of us want to do when we get on site is open a book and start reading--especially something as dry as the rules when there are camps to set and friends we haven't seen in a year to catch up with.

However, we don't make rules just because it's fun (and believe me, it ISN'T fun).  The rules are there for a few reasons.

1) We have an agreement with the Cooper's and in this agreement it says we are going to do certain things and we are specifically not going to do others.

2) We have insurance policies and in those agreements it says we are going to do certain things and not do others.

3)  This is a big event. The rules are a way to ensure everyone understands how we do things so this isn't one big free-for-all and so everyone can enjoy their time on site.  Land Grab is a good example.

4)  Last but most important we have a responsibility to keep over 10,000 people safe.  I take that very seriously.

We have a few changes to the rules this year and I want to make sure people are aware of them.  You've already read about how the new E-Troll will hopefully make arriving on site much easier. Now you can read about how you have to prepare for all interfacing with off-site vendors; such as various Tent vendors and similar deliveries to site.

Let's talk about parking and traffic control....

My observation is that the last few years there are a number of people who have not taken the parking rules seriously, and I don't think Pennsic has enforced them very well.  Don't let past years be a guide.  I participated last year in trying to get cars out of the way of an Ambulance that needed to get someone who was having trouble breathing out to the hospital.  How would you feel if that was your best friend or a family member in the ambulance?

Our parking staff are some of the most verbally abused and ignored people at Pennsic. They also happen to be some of the nicest most helpful people I know.  They will let you know if your vehicle has been outside your camp longer than it should, or if it's blocking something important.  They will do their best to find the owner and ask you to move it, but know this: if they can't find you or you can't be bothered to move your vehicle, we will.  There will be NO three strikes.  I also trust my staff. If they say you did it, and they write in their log that you did did it. They don't need to come to me to get permission to enforce the rules.

All it takes is a few people to violate the rules and it becomes a safety problem. I won't let it become a safety problem.  I'll gladly tow a few hundred people in order that 10,000 remain safe and enjoy their vacation.  I suspect there will be people that don't read the rules. I also expect that there may be a few people that feel they should test my resolve on this issue. Don't be one of them.

I'm also a reasonable man. There will be honest mistakes and we'll deal with them, but don't lie and don't be abusive to the staff. I don't tolerate that well. If you have a conflict with the rules, bring it to our attention. We may or may not be able to work something out that doesn't compromise safety, but taking the approach of expecting forgiveness is risking ejection from the event.

Heavy subjects aside, let's have a great event!

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