Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spotlight on . . . Technical Services

So I admit I have a fondness for Tech Services.  It’s the department I’ve worked in ever since I started working on Staff.  These are the guys you probably see everywhere and never actually meet.  What do they do . . .?

Well These are the folks that show up two weeks before the event and start setting up the infrastructure that is Pennsic. 

-All the trailers that are cleverly hidden behind all the event pavilions. 

-All the electrical wiring that give us enough light at night for performing arts, the Watch, First Aid point. 

-All the street signs for the event on every corner (You didn’t think those stayed up all year did you?). 

-The communications equipment.

Then during the event, these are the folks who fix things when breakers inevitably trip (This is temporary outdoor wiring at an outdoor event). They empty all the small trash cans in the services blocks (ANS tents, The Watch, etc). Fix and replace signs when they get run over or knocked down.

They generally keep all the other departments operating with the basics.

Then when the event is over and everyone else is saying goodbye, packing up and heading home, these are the folks that stay after the event to pack it all up and put it all away for next year.

This is the hardest department to get volunteers for because everyone wants to go home and no one likes to get their hands dirty day after day without much exposure or thanks.  There is always room for volunteers at Pennsic but if I had to put in a plug for help it would be here.  If you have a will to help and you have the flexibility to lend a hand anytime from the last Saturday through the week after the event ends (Maybe you live in the area and can put in a few hours after work that week?) We could use the help.

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