Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fracking . . .

There’s been some hubbub regarding the Cooper’s lake contracting for Fracking at the old Woods Battle site and I just want people to have the facts so discussions are at least based on reality rather than anxiety.

Fact #1: There is indeed an agreement for future Fracking rights at Cooper’s Lake in the area where the old woods battle used to be.
First let me state that I am not in any way shape or form a Fracking expert.  But, as in any case, I’d recommend people to do their own research and not rely on either blanket assurances with no real basis from drilling companies nor from sensational reporting from people interested in selling media.  I suspect you can find some information from less biased sources such as universities like Penn State or the University of Texas: http://www.insidescience.org.

Fact #2: No drilling at all has begun at Cooper’s Lake, nor will there be before this year’s event.
I can’t say much about the future other than the Cooper’s estimate extraction may begin as early as sometime next year and they feel very confident that their land and our event will not be adversely affected.

I know as an attendee I’ll be interested in what testing has been done and what the results are for water and air quality once drilling has begun and before I next attend.  As an administrator for Pennsic I’m interested in the same information to make sure we aren’t in any way endangering those who attend.  But I think it’s premature to speculate about the future.  Will we do some contingency planning? Probably. But that’s because it’s part of our job to assume the worst and plan for it.
Fact #3:  Ultimately it is their land and they have the right and responsibility to make these decisions just as each of you have the right and responsibility to get yourselves educated and make your own decisions about attending in future years.

I know the Coopers don’t want to lose our event. They are as passionate about it as we are.  Talk about it, do some homework, but don’t let your anxiety detract from a great summer!


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