Sunday, June 10, 2012

Last chance for Pre-Reg!

Don't forget, the last day for pre-registration is June 15th.

Remember a few facts from the changes this year with the new E-Troll system:
1) You can register and pre-pay for the full 2 weeks. No more having to worry about last minute cash or credit cards at troll if you know you're there for the duration! (That's what I did since I'm pretty confident I'm going to be there)
2) You can pre-reg without any money up front.
         advantage - If you don't have the cash you can still sign up and it makes it easier to troll in with your info already in the system.
         disadvantage - These types of pre-registrations don't give your camp any land allotment.  So if your not planning on camping in an open single camping spot, then your group is going to have to accomodate you with the room they have from paid pre-registrations.

   This last part is important for Land Agents to remember.  Those folks that pre-register without a downpayment do not give you any land allotment. I can see this causing some angst in camps if people don't understand that...

If you have any last minute questions about the registration process you can contact Cooper's Lake Campground directly.


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