Friday, June 1, 2012

New Site Rules for Rentals and Deliveries

And now a word from Pennsic's #2 this year...

As a final step in the move the tracking of attendee’s personal contracts with outside vendors for goods and services, from the Pennsic War Staff to the individual (and thusly freeing up Pennsic War resources for other vital activities),  new procedures for the delivery of your goods are in place. If you plan on having *ANYTHING* delivered this is a must read.

The actual rules may be found at:

As before, Firewood and Pizza deliveries are unaffected by these new procedures. In fact, it brings other vendors in line with the procedures for Firewood and Pizza with some exceptions.


1 – YOU must meet your vendor at a gate to take delivery of your product(s). Parking gate, North Gate or West Gate are the preferred gates to meet your vendor since Main Gate is usually very busy.

2 – You should encourage your vendor to go to the PW web site and read the part for Vendors under the site rules. This way they too will have a good understanding of what they need from you.

3- Supply your vendor as much information as possible about you, your group, and the person who will be meeting them at a gate, cell phone numbers and the best time for you to meet your delivery.

4 – PW Staff (Especially Troll) WILL NOT accept your goods or go looking for you. This will also be the position of the Cooper Staff, who will stop vendors at the gates until you show up. IF you don’t meet them, the vendor will no doubt be turned away. Remind them to call when they are leaving their shop.

5- Please note the Battlefield restrictions.

Dates to keep in mind:

·    No deliveries will be allowed before 9am on Monday, July 30, 2012. One Exception: Individual sleeping tents may be delivered between NOON and 6pm on land grab Saturday July 28, 2012).

·    No deliveries will be allowed on Saturday, August 4 or Sunday, August 5, 2012.

·    No deliveries, will be allowed after 1pm on Friday, August 10, 2012.

·    Any and all goods MUST be picked up by 3pm, August 13 (Monday) or they will be considered abandoned and forfeit. (This is a new change – please tell your vendors)

Your vendor will be allowed on site to take their goods to your camp. Most vendors people have been using, have T-shirts or uniforms and some sort of identifying signage on their vehicle. It is expected that the vendors will come in, drop off their goods which will make your Pennsic War much more enjoyable, and then leave.

Again, please make your vendor aware of all the information which will ensure that they will get those needed items to you in a timely fashion.  The Pennsic Staff want you to have an enjoyable Pennsic and know that items like LP gas, firewood, appliances, and tents… lots and lots of tents, make the living for two weeks much easier.

If you have questions please email, Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy:

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