Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm off!

Well as of tomorrow morning I am headed out to join the setup crew.  There is always a slight possibility I may post something at some point while I'm there but it's not likely.

Just wanted to drop one last note to let everyone know I'm looking forward to seeing you all in just a week's time. (Yes, for those of you that haven't started packing it's really that close.)

If you haven't shared this blog with your friends please do.  I've tried to put a lot of information here over the last six months or more and I certainly hope as many people have found this site as possible.  If you haven't read some of the older posts in awhile I encourage you to refresh your own memory as all of it is still pertinent so please take a few minutes to go back over old posts if you can.

Finally, I realize I've thanked our volunteers and staff, but I haven't thanked all of you.  This event wouldn't be what it is without all of your creativity and enthusiasm.


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