Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Opening Weekend

Ok, so I had to post at least one more time...

If you are arriving on Zero Night (This coming Friday) or this weekend expect some differences.  With all traffic for this year coming from the north down Currie road were making some changes for opening weekend. 

When you arrive you will be directed immediately onto the battlefield to park.  After parking you will walk down to Troll to troll in with the new  E-Troll system. (We tested it today and it works great!).  Once you have your medallion you will be directed back onto the battlefield to await Saturday morning's site opening.

Troll itself is going to look a bit different and won't be the usual loop through but were trying some new things. I'm sure you'll all get the hang of it easily.  Have patience as the changes will probably have a hiccup or two but overall I'm hoping it'll be better.

If you have a handicap tag or license, point that out to the traffic folks and they will direct you down to troll like in the past and then you will be rerouted back onto the battlefield afterwards similar to how we did it in the past.

I can't urge you enough to stick with the www.cooperslake.com directions and avoid Book road.  It's an accident waiting to happen. (4 feet wide in places, not completely paved, and ocassionally covered in livestock.)  I REALLY can't stress this enough.

Safe drive everyone.  Looking forward to having you all home soon!


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