Thursday, July 5, 2012

Registration Questions . . .

I have to say, the preponderance of mail I've gotten over the last several weeks regarding Pre-registration surprises me although maybe it shouldn't.

I have sympathy for those folks that are having problems whether they be that something happened at the last minute and they couldn't get the system to work or they are waiting on a receipt, or they didn't realize that the no charge Pre-Reg didn't include land allocation, or that their land agent bailed on them and didn't tell anyone until after pre-Reg was over or or or or....  If it were me, I'd be annoyed at those or any of the other reasons that might create some pre-reg anxiety.

We do our best to try and communicate dates and details, but I would never reccommend anyone wait until the last minute to pre-register or to skip over reading details as these sorts of things can happen.

However, that being said, Pennsic Staff doesn't have anything to do with Pre-registration.  That is handled by the land owner (The Cooper's) via our contract and agreement with them.  So let me suggest that any requests you have should go to their contact point

To be even more clear, there is absolutely nothing I can do to help you. I don't have pre-registration records, or even access to the system or information before we arrive on site in a few weeks.

I reccommend you contact Coopers Lake, and be polite, clear and concise with your request. I expect they are getting barraged with questions at this point and appreciate your patience as much as I do.


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