Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly . . .

Ok, I'm done saying this is my last post...

I'll start with the bad. A lot of you ended up waiting in line at Troll for far too long (I heard reports from some people as long as 4 hours). The cause was a lightning strike which took out the system. The backup server was online fairly quickly but the strike damaged the receipt printers which meant every receipt had to be written by hand. We finally got the line at Troll cleared just after midnight. Unfortunately the parts to get the printers back up are going to take a few days but the Cooper's should have this resolved before the next big crush next weekend.

The Ugly was a micro burst that hit Saturday afternoon. Heavy straight line winds hit the Serengeti for about 15 minutes. I had several people tell me they were shocked when a nearby lightning strike sent some current through everyone trying to hold down their half set up tents (That's scary). We had a few minor injuries but I am very thankful no one was seriously hurt.

And finally the good. So far things are going exceptionally well. I've had less complaints about getting lost with the detour than I expected. The temporary traffic pattern for zero night worked very well although we did have some confusion when we switched back to the standard pattern after landgrab Saturday morning. And finally, while we are allowing a bit more time for people to unload their cars due to the micro burst, everyone has been very conscientious about keeping the roads cleared which is awesome.


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