Monday, July 30, 2012

Troll Update

Well the Bad just turned a little better...

I just reviewed the numbers from this year's Troll and, believe it or not, at the height of the longest lines at Troll on Saturday we STILL trolled in more people per shift than we did last year.  That tells me two things.

1)  We had a lot more people show up in a smaller timeframe this year than in past years.

2)  Even though our new E-Troll system was a bit gimped after the lightning strike, ITS STILL FASTER THAN THE OLD SYSTEM!

While I'm not happy that people had to stand in line so long, at least I know it was caused by a surge in volume of people and not a weakness in our new system.  In fact, I'm pretty damn impressed with the new system.

So no one should worry about Trolling in this coming weekend. (Just don't all show up at once!)


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