Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lost and Found . . .

So, lots of emails from people who lost things.

Let me exaplin how this works.  We have a Lost and Found department.  People drop things off during war that they've found, people stop by during war and see if things have been found that they lost.  We go the extra mile if we find an ID or medallion since we can track those folks down at war to return things to them.

After war, everything gets packed up and stored until next year.  People routinely recover items at war that were lost in previous years and next year you can check in and see if your particular item was recovered also.  We keep things for at least 2 years before we auction things off.  For things like wallets with ID's we do spend time after the event tracking those folks down and mailing them, but for the rest, it may be there, you just have to be patient.  Our lovely and dutilful lost and found expert Baroness Johanne i Visby tells me she's already received *thousands* of emails.

Oh, and if anyone found a brown leather mug with a carving of a rose that would be mine (It's even in my profile picture to the right). sadly it never made it into the lost and found. :(


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