Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wrap up

Hurts to be over.

I had a great time and I want to thank all those folks that stopped by to introduce yourselves.  As you can imagine we had a lot of things that went really well and a few things we need to improve.  Overall I'm very satisfied with how things went but I thought i'd take a moment and comment on a few things.

1.  E-Troll  -  Vast improvement.  People got through quicker and easier than ever before.  Even with the lightning strike and printer downtime we still managed to put more people through Troll in a shorter time than ever before.  Since we had such an unusual crush on Saturday I can only be thankful for the new system as the wait would have been even longer without it.  Thank you all for being so patient and understanding.  Future improvements include a stylus for signing documents as I'm sure you noticed like I did that signing wth your finger was in no way recognizable in my opinion.

2.  Benches at Bus Stops - Credit where credit is due, Devon, the mayor for PW40 came up with this one last year and our expansion of that this year got a lot of praise.  There are always going to be times where there is a bit of a wait for the next bus and a place to sit made this a lot more comfortable.

3.  Parking  -  I expected some praise and some complaints.  All I got was praise.  The streets were clear and the number of cars was down dramatically.  I know it made my Pennsic better by not having to constantly weave through parked cars through every street.

These were the top changes this year and all positive with a few changes we can make to improve them even further are in the planning for next year.

One observation to consider for next year is site closure.  This year everyone was required to be off the site by Noon on Sunday.  That didn't happen.  The Cooper staff were still chasing people off the site as late at 8pm on Sunday.  Some people didn't realize they needed to be off that early so we will communicate that better next year.  Some people got stiffed by their campmates leaving early and had far too much teardown on Sunday for a limited number of people.  None of those are really good excuses.  There were also a lot of camps that just left huge piles of trash behind.  I realize the dumpsters are overflowing long before you get there, but you still have an obligation to get the trash to the dumpster even if it's just beside it.  I would expect next year there will likely be repercussions for leaving late and leaving a mess.  And it will be reprecussions for your camp, not necessarily just for the individual who is last out so you might want to plan next year for what your cleanup crew is going to be and not hope the last guy out makes it in time and cleans up all the trash.  I expect you'd hate to lose seniority on your block for that, but something like that may be the result.

Now I will say there was a majority of folks who did head out on time and left their camps pristine.  For those that did, thank you again.  It's thins kind of behavior that helps us keep up good relations with the Landowners (The Coopers), and allows us to keep our requirements simple and use the maximum number of days for the event rather than having to end early to allow for more cleanup time.

Finally I'd like to thank the staff, and everyone who volunteered to help.  I met so many of you who volunteered to help at the Watch, Info and Disability Points, First Aid point, and the technical services crew.  The event would not run so smoothly without your help so thank you all.


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